Washington Trust


To compete with the region’s giant financial players, Washington Trust needed to play in their arena – and that meant TV. The challenge for us was creating a series of spots with a fraction of the production budget that Bank of America, Citizens, and Santander had at their disposal. Our solution was to combine a fantastic jingle (thanks, StarTrak Studios) with a simple storytelling technique – copy boards – to position Washington Trust as the local, solid, trusted alternative for financial services. The spots resonated big-time during the Great Recession of the mid-2000s, when Washington Trust, unlike its bigger competitors, smartly avoided the mire of the subprime mortgage crisis. And because our TV executions required minimal production dollars – we built the spots on our Macs – Washington Trust could devote most of its budget to buying media and spreading the word. The campaign continues to consistently grow market share. Our latest executions add video to the storytelling technique and leverage the campaign line “Trusted advice never gets old.” Neither does the smart use of marketing resources.

Walsh & Associates client since 2000